Jenny Stoute

Olympian and Gladiator

Having competed in the Olympics and Commonwealth Games, I've always placed importance on being fit and healthy. I was a sprinter and for that, you need a lot of strength and power in the body.

During my professional sports career, I acquired a few injuries and strength training was always part of the recovery process.

As women reach perimenopause it's the perfect exercise to do. Our oestrogen levels lessen and the risk of osteoporosis increases. Even light strength training exercises will help to build bone and muscle, burn body fat, and help speed up your metabolism.

I would always advise women who are new to strength training to start off using their body weight and to try resistance bands or a Pilates ball. Then move on to light hand weights with frequent repetitions. There is no need to try lifting extremely heavyweight.

As I have entered my 50's I've continued with the gym and always try to do something every day. I have resistance bands and a pilates ring at home. Lots of easily transportable equipment so that wherever I am, home or away, I can work out.

"Strength training is great for clearing the head and releasing endorphins that help keep us feeling good”

"Ankle weights are a great idea and can be worn just walking around the house"