what are recycled plastics?

Did you know that plastic is used to make nylon and polyester? Both of these fibres are often used in activewear due to their quick-drying properties. Not so with Roama.

are you drinking plastic?

Clothes often contain plastics like nylon, polyester and acrylic. Every time they’re washed, they shed countless microfibre plastics. These tiny bits of plastic end up in the planet’s water system, entering the ocean and our drinking water.

good for you, good for the planet

To reduce our carbon footprint, our recycled nylon and polyester are sourced from Repreve. The world’s leading brand of recycled performance fibre. They transform plastic bottles into certifiable, traceable, high-performance yarn.

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Using recycled plastics instead of virgin fibres produces fewer carbon emissions. By giving plastic bottles a second life, it keeps them from polluting our oceans and ending up in landfills.