Let us introduce ourselves

More than ever before women are embracing exercise, wellbeing and the outdoors. With this in mind, we decided that there was space for a sustainable activewear brand that embraced the more mature woman's needs.

We’ve created comfortable, supportive and high-performance activewear to give you the confidence to keep moving in style.

Welcome to Roama.

For you

Designed for yoga, pilates, strength training, hiking and walking, Roama has taken into account everything that will make your workouts more comfortable.

Here you can find squat proof leggings, 4 x way stretch fabric that holds you in all the right places and supportive panelling on tank tops.

We recycle plastics and take advantage of their beneficial moisture-wicking, breathable and waterproof qualities. You can enjoy the most out of exercising while reducing your impact on the environment.


At Roama, we believe that being active should go hand in hand with caring for the environment, after all being outdoors and embracing nature is what we love about so many of our well-being activities. We are dedicated to minimising environmental damage. Much of our clothing is made from highly sustainable bamboo and organic cotton which uses less water, less land and no nasty pesticides.

For some of our outerwear, we are using recycled polyester and nylon, which means recycled plastic. These not only have amazing properties like moisture-wicking, water repellency and adaptive warming and cooling, but by using recycled plastics, it keeps them from polluting our oceans and ending up in landfills. Your Roama product is designed with sustainability at the forefront of our minds and is delivered in biodegradable packaging that can go straight into your green recycling. Roama activewear that cares for you and the planet.