our mission

Welcome to Roama. Our mission is to provide functional activewear that will feel good, look great and be kind to the planet.

for you

We embrace all women and recognise that as we get older strength, fitness and health are as important as ever. The Roama range is suitable for a multitude of activities such as yoga, hiking, strength training, pilates and those off-duty moments when only something stylish encompassing extreme comfort will do.

Our fit kit is feminine and flattering. We have purposely avoided low waisted leggings and instead created items with an enhanced, supportive fit and flattering styling to boost your body confidence and keep you moving.

performance plus planet

In the past synthetic fabrics have commonly been used in the performance activewear market. Why is this bad for us and the environment? Synthetic fibres take fossil fuels to make them which is driving the current global warming crisis. Each time an item of clothing made with synthetic fibres is laundered it contributes to the millions of micro fibre plastics entering our waterways, working its way through the food chain and in to our food and bodies.

At Roama, we’re aiming to reduce our impact on the environment and minimise the global carbon footprint made by the activewear clothing industry. We’re gradually reducing microfibre plastic pollution by repurposing plastic fibres and using them to create long-lasting clothing.

the sustainable way is better

the sustainable way is better

Being healthy, hiking, cycling means embracing our glorious nature and Roama activewear does just that. By using sustainable bamboo and organic cotton we can minimise our impact on the environment.

Unlike synthetic fibres these sustainable fibres have natural, moisture wicking properties making them more comfortable to wear and workout in. We also deliver our product in biodegradable packaging that can go straight into your green recycling.

We believe caring for the planet is as important as caring for yourself and want you to keep moving in style.