designed for you

caring for you + the planet

Sustainably made roama is activewear that cares about you and the planet. Comfortable, supportive and high performance. Made from sustainable fabrics with moisture wicking properties, allowing your skin to breathe. All delivered in biodegradable packaging.

bamboo viscose

Bamboo Viscose is breathable and absorbent. A super-soft fabric that helps to regulate your body temperature. Bamboo fibres are naturally deodorising and antibacterial. A fast growing, renewable resource with zero waste.


Allowing air to pass through easily to allow complete comfort. Helps to regulate your body temperature.


With padding made from recycled yarns it's warm enough to keep the elements out. Not only kind to you but also our environment.


With no cumbersome bulk, that could you weigh you and your activities down. Our lightweight fabrics ensure they are quick-drying and give you the freedom to move easily. They make the perfect layers and can easily be folded up to pack away in changeable weather.


Linen comes from the flax plant. It has a low environmental impact, needing less water than even cotton. Being soft but durable, linen is strong, breathable, and naturally moisture wicking. Embrace light layers and tread lightly on the planet.

organic cotton

Moisture wicking and breathable. Organic cotton is the ultimate comfort. A hypoallergenic, durable fabric that creates natural insulation. Grown without chemicals, in rainfed healthy soil. Seriously softer on your skin and the planet.

taped seams

With taped seams this fabric is water resistant up to 55000m /WR 5000 vapour, ideal for a British Summer.

4 way stretch

Cleverly designed fabric that allows ultimate comfort when working out. Greater freedom of movement as well as durability.

moisture wicking

Designed to pull moisture away from the skin and keep you cool and dry. Breathable and comfortable, letting sweat flow out and air flow in.

quick dry

Exceptional quick drying, light weight and durable. The ideal workout companion.

water resistant

Our water-resistant clothing is made in a tightly woven fabric. Splash-proof, showerproof, stylish and lightweight. So come rain or shine, this sustainable garment is designed to keep you moving.

recycled fabric

Made from recycled materials to create high performance activewear without the use of new resources. Better for you, better for the planet.